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Some of many nice words my clients have to say

Baby Sleeping

Susan has been providing breastfeeding assistance and support for many of my patients for over a decade.  They have found her approach to be sensible, pragmatic and personable.  Susan’s experience as a nurse, midwife and mother, as well as an immensely experienced Lactation Consultant places her in an ideal situation to provide expert lactation advice. She excels in both relatively routine and unusual circumstances including multiple births, premature births and in babies with special needs.

(Associate Professor MARK UMSTAD MB BS, MD, FRCOG, FRANZCOG – Director of Maternity Services Royal Women’s Hospital) (2013)

Susan saw me and my daughter Maddison when she was only 8 days old and we were having trouble breastfeeding. Her support and caring approach was exactly what I needed. It was only early days for us but I was feeling very lost and alone and she made me feel like it was all going up be ok. She does such an amazing job.

Maddison is now 3 months old and we are still breastfeeding. We had her tongue tie snipped when she was 6 weeks old which has improved her latch and made it more pleasant experience for both of us. She is putting on weight and growing which is fabulous. We have even had a few full nights sleep.

I thank her for being there when I needed someone.

Michaela and Maddison (2016)

Baby Sleeping
Baby Sleeping

When I experienced initial difficulties with breastfeeding several days after my baby was born, my sister immediately recommended that I contact Susan. Susan was simply remarkable; she shared her decades worth of experience is such a caring and compassionate manner, completely transforming my postpartum breastfeeding journey.


Not only did Susan visit us at home within 8 hours of my request for help, but she has also been incredibly responsive to my subsequent questions via telephone. In those early days I was doubting whether I would be able to continue breastfeeding (due to poor attachment and weight gain), but months later, our little baby is thriving and we both love breastfeeding. I simply could not recommend Susan more highly, and my friends who have also benefited from Susan's expertise say the same.

Melissa Buckley (2023)

Baby Sleeping

Sue combines a great personal manner and a wealth of professional lactation experience. I felt relaxed with my baby (and breasts!) in front of her.
She always has a helpful suggestion or range of approaches to assist any tricky feeding situation. I got the impression there’s not a scenario that she hasn’t worked with previously.

I met Sue on cardiac ward at the Royal Children’s Hospital while my 4mo daughter was recovering from her second open heart surgery. About a month later I also had a private consultation at home.

Sue has helped me manage so many feeding issues: milk supply, expressing, freezing milk, baby’s dairy intolerance, tongue tie, bottle feeding/refusal, nasogastric tube feeding and reintroducing breast feeding.
I was determined to give my daughter breast milk, particularly because of her complex medical conditions, and Sue has helped guide me through this process.

 Heartkids Mum (2017)

Baby Sleeping

I couldn’t be more grateful to have had Sue help me through a challenging breastfeeding journey. She is like a second Mum. So kind, compassionate and so knowledgeable and experienced.


No matter what she always responded to my questions and concerns and taught me so much about parenting and motherhood in addition to navigating the rollercoaster of breastfeeding. I would recommend her to all of my friends who decide to breast feed.

Maddy France (2022)

Susan is an absolute lifesaver. We were feeling desparate and had gotten all kinds of conflicting advice. Susan stepped in and gave us highly effective, practical advice delivered with warmth and empathy. If you even have slight concerns or questions then just be in touch with her.


We've recommended her to all of our friends who are / are becoming new parents.

Tom Barton (2023)

Susan is brilliant. She provides super helpful practical advice, and her wealth of experience and knowledge really shines through it all.
Plus she's super loving and attentive too, her service is very warm and personal.

I actually began with an antenatal session which was invaluable because her advice was so much deeper and more useful than any of the generic hospital info, I felt less clueless going in to birth.

She's been available and helping me with all my questions since then, and really cares. Cannot recommend her highly enough, seriously just book her in.

An antenatal session would be an awesome baby shower gift too.

Nik Ki (2023)

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